Intricate Dialect Releases “Kemet”

Intricate Dialect Kemet album cover
The homie Intricate Dialect has been putting in work on the Michigan hip hop scene for quite some time now and recently released his masterpiece, “Kemet”. It is a concept album deeply rooted in the history and philosophies of Ancient Egypt. I.D.’s lyrics stick close to the Egyptian theme throughout the entire project, but are still relevant to modern-day struggles and ideologies. The unique subject matter brings a refreshing change to the current state of hip hop music and provides the perfect blend of style and intellect.

I was fortunate enough to have the pleasure of working on the Kemet album by producing two tracks on the album (Thutmose ID & Real M.F.) along with recording all of I.D.’s vocals. Producer, Shigeto provided the beat for the album’s opening track while Shady EV handled the production for the rest of the project. The album also features appearances from Tree City’s Gen Pop and Idski’s Abolitionist crew members Tenacity and Kadence.

Name your own price and download Kemet HERE

music video for “Real M.F.” coming soon!

June 19, 2011
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