W. Draztik & Sleepy Biggs say ‘It Ain’t Safe’ on “Ringmaster” video

New video from my brothers in USM, W. Draztik and Sleepy Biggs from their album Smokers Cough.  This is truly a classic album in my opinion and I know what you’re thinking.  I’m in USM, so I gotta say that.  WRONG.  I’m in USM BECAUSE I can say that.  He’s been killin’ it on the video tip as well.   His last video, “The Rest Did it for Checks,” is the perfect song to get ready for summer with.

June 2, 2011
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W. Draztik & Sleepy Biggs “SMOKERS COUGH” Album Release Party **FRIDAY JULY 2ND @ OLD MIAMI**

BlueCollar Gentlemen & USM presents….
Album Release Party!!!

the lineup looks a little something like this:
MIZ KORONA (hell yeah!)
USM (why not?)
MAZ (formerly of Draztik Meazures…. ya know we had to take it back)
& more TBA suprise type shit (c’mon son! it ain’t hip hop if it ain’t last minute)

::::::::::::::::!!IMPORTANT INFORMATION!!:::::::::::::::::::

This album release party will cost you $5 ..oh I know we are getting it in!!!… on your pocket book right!?!? WRONG! we will give you a copy of “SMOKERS COUGH” FREE!
not such a bad deal…right? (it is a full length LP, actual album like artists used to make way back when, pro-pressed like @ a CD factory with saran wrap n shit on it….. not to mention for the sake of the 2 dudes who constructed this smokers cough joint!… 1000’s of their real life & creative hours devoted to making such an outstanding album) so please humor us… $5 got it? lol
USM is motherfuckin recession proof!
not to mention we got alotta love for anybody reading this message right now
we salute you giving a shit

FRIDAY JULY 2ND @ OLD MIAMI 3930 Cass Ave. 21+ $5 10PM-2AM

just a reminder of what your gonna be getting into

June 29, 2010
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