The newest project from Doc Waffles is now available for public…

The newest project from Doc Waffles is now available for public consumption. It is called Ambulance Chasers and features guest appearances from SelfSays, Passalacqua, J Walker, and Josef Coney Island. I have worked closely with Waffles on his last two releases (How to Shoot Quail and Seizure Suit Farms) doing some production and engineer work, but this was my first time producing and engineering an entire album for him, and the result turned out to be one of my favorite projects to date. You can stream and/or download Ambulance Chasers at a “name your price” rate HERE or via the player below…ENJOY!

September 4, 2012

New Doc Waffles EP Dropping July 12th

On July 12th 2011, Doc Waffles will be releasing a new EP for free download titled “Seizure Suit Farms” with production by myself, Sheefy McFly, CrateDigga, & Scav D as well as a guest appearance from SelfSays. The EP is the first release from Waffles since his Golf View Drive album (available now for free download) and is a prologue to his upcoming full-length, “How to Shoot Quail”. I had the privilege of not only supplying some beats for both of these new projects, but also recording, mixing, and mastering them so I can assure you that the new material falls nothing short of classic, quintessential Doc Waffles hip hop.

Above is a new promo video for the new EP directed by “rapper-keeper” Jane Fader. So step your sock game up and get ready for seizure season opening July 12th!!!

July 6, 2011
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